“You do not appear to be authorized to move this user” when moving a user to Skype for Business Online…

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We recently setup the hybrid connection to Skype for Business from our on prem environment. When trying to move a user I got the following error:

Move-CsUser : HostedMigration fault: Error=(0), Description=(You do not appear to be authorized to move this user. Please verify the credentials you are running this command under and then try again.)

Move-CsUser Permission Error

Within Office 365 I had been assigned limited admin access to both Exchange and Skype for Business:

O365 Permissions

After changing my permissions to “Global admin” I was able to move the user.

So, it would appear just having the Skype for Business administrator role is not enough to be able to move a user to Skype for Business Online. I still haven’t worked out if just the addition of the “User management administrator” role would solve the problem. If I can be bothered I’ll give it a try and update this post.