Out Of Office (OOF) note not displaying correctly in Communicator

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I stumbled upon a little problem the other day when I was asked to change someone’s Out Of Office (OOF) message. After doing this I was notified that the OOF note showing in Communicator had not changed.

After troubleshooting a perfectly working Exchange availability service for an hour I found out that this is by design.

Took a bit of searching but found the following information on this page:

The Out of Office note will replace any Personal Note you have previously entered, but the Out of Office note will not be updated until you sign out and sign back in to Communicator. Once you have done so, the note can take as long as 30 minutes to propagate through the Presence system. In addition, you must be running the Communicator client on a device that can connect to Exchange in order for this information to propagate.

So, the OOF note is only created after the user has logged back in to Communicator, pulled the new OOF from the Availability service (or Public Folders depending on your setup) and then put this back into the Presence system.