Lync Management Shell shows blank hanging window…

Posted by in Lync, PowerShell, Skype for Business

I’ve had this quite a bit recently. Especially with new servers after installing the latest CU from RTM.

Essentially, when you load the Lync Management Shell (elevated or not, it doesn’t matter) it just hangs. You can leave it as long as you want – it never opens. You don’t even get a command prompt. It’s annoying.

I’ve worked out that you can fix this by first closing all PowerShell windows. This includes the hanging Lync Management Shell and any other PowerShell windows you might have open.

Then, you need to open a normal PowerShell window and type the following:

Import-Module Lync

Note: You may even find that by trying to use the tab autocomplete on Import-Module it hangs for a very long time. So, don’t use autocomplete and just type the command above and hit enter.

It might take quite a while, but eventually you’ll get a command prompt back indicating it loaded the module.

Now you can go and open the Lync Management Shell like normal and voila, you should get a command prompt again.

Stupid problem, and I have no idea what causes it. Hope this helps some people out.