KB2863908 breaks Lync/Outlook Contact Integration…

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I ran into an issue today that turned out to be caused by KB2863908.

A few users started to report that the Outlook contacts they had added to their Lync contact list were no longer showing the friendly display name and were just showing the email address of the contact. All detail including phone numbers was missing from the contact which meant it couldn’t be used to make a call. Basically, the functionality of Outlook contacts in Lync was broken.

To fix this I just had to remove the KB2863908 update.

This doesn’t appear to be affecting the Office 365 CTR version of Office 2013.

If I get any more information about this patch or future patches affecting this, I’ll update this page.

Update 19/05/14: KB2880980 (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2880980) came out a few days ago. I have tested with this and still have the same issue. Might need to raise a ticket with PSS…