How to set your default domain in Office 365…

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There are two ways in which to do this; one is the administration portal for your Office 365 deployment and one is using the Microsoft Online Services Module for PowerShell. The first is a bit boring and straight forward. The second at least gets you inside the management shell so helps you to start learning how to harness the power of PowerShell with Office 365.

Office 365 Administration Portal

  1. Login to your Administration portal at
  2. Click on your company name in the top left right above where it says ‘Admin Overview’.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. Change the Primary Verified Domain using the dropdown box.
  5. Click OK and then Close. Done.

Microsoft Online Services Module for PowerShell

  1. First of all you need to install the Office 365 CmdLets. Go here and follow the instructions to install the modules based on your OS:
  2. Load up the Microsoft Online Services Module or import the module to your current PowerShell session using the instructions here:
  3. Type the following and hit Enter.
  4. Type your Office 365 credentials in the box that pops up and hit Enter.
  5. Type the following and hit Enter.
    Set-MsolDomain -Name -IsDefault
  6. Done