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Skype for Business Preparation: How to patch SQL Express with Service Pack on Lync FE Server…

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With the anticipation that Microsoft will release Skype for Business Server at the beginning of May, you’re now probably starting to think about the upgrade from Lync. There are several prerequisites for the FE server upgrade: Install minimum of Lync Server CU5 PowerShell version 6.2.9200.0 or later SQL Server 2012 SP1 or later The following security hotfix (OS dependent): Windows Server 2008 R2: KB2533623 Windows Server 2012: KB2858668 Windows Server 2012 R2: KB2982006 This short blog post will focus on the SQL upgrade to at least Service Pack 1. First…read more


Exchange UM: “Sorry, a system error has occurred.”

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Today our UM server suddenly started giving an error when people tried to leave a voicemail. The error said: “Sorry, a system error has occurred. Please try again later.” No changes had been made to Lync or the UM environment for sometime. In the event log I noticed the following events: Event 1078, MSExchange Unified Messaging Event 1159, MSExchange Unified MessagingThe key piece of information here is the Unable to load DLL ‘WMVCore.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E) error. A quick Google of the WMVCore.dll error revealed that…read more


Decommissioning OCS – Lessons Learned…

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I have recently spent some time decommissioning our legacy OCS 2007 R2 servers and pools from our Lync 2013 environment. I thought I’d put a few hints and tips together as a guide for others that have to do it. This basically covers the stuff I had to spend time figuring out. Hopefully it helps people not to have to spend time on it… First off, I generally followed the procedures outlined on TechNet. The only problem I found with TechNet is that there are a few places where it…read more


Lync CMS Replication to Edge Server Stops Working…

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For the most part, CMS replication takes care of itself. It’s pretty reliable. However, sometimes things can stop working for no real apparent reason. This is what happened to me the other day. One of our Edge servers (2012 Standard) was rebooted for OS patching at 0400 and after that point it never received any replication from the CMS. I tried a lot of things to resolve the issue. Restarting the replication service didn’t throw any errors, it showed various pieces of information about getting certs from the CMS. It…read more


KB2863908 breaks Lync/Outlook Contact Integration…

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I ran into an issue today that turned out to be caused by KB2863908. A few users started to report that the Outlook contacts they had added to their Lync contact list were no longer showing the friendly display name and were just showing the email address of the contact. All detail including phone numbers was missing from the contact which meant it couldn’t be used to make a call. Basically, the functionality of Outlook contacts in Lync was broken. To fix this I just had to remove the KB2863908 update. This…read more


Which Lync FE server creates the Address Book in an Enterprise Pool?

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I had to troubleshoot some Lync address book issues recently and had to work out which FE server was creating the address book during the night. Originally, I was searching through the event logs to find the server doing it at 0130. Then I found Debug-csAddressBookReplication ( Run it and take a look at the Task Owner FQDN…

Lync 2013 Best Practice Analyzer: Processor speed is less than maximum possible…

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I have recently been running the Lync 2013 Best Practice Analyzer on my environment to make sure everything is tickety-boo. On the whole, everything seems to be in a good state but I did receive the following warning for a number of front end servers: I managed to track this down to a power plan in the Power Options in Control Panel. By changing the server power plan from Balanced (default) to High performance this warning went away the next time a ran the BPA:


Lync 2013, CUCM, ms-skip-rnl & SIP URI Dialling…

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First up, a lot of the help I got was gained from Chris Norman’s blog at You can follow him on Twitter here: I have recently been building a production Lync environment for my company including voice integration with CUCM 8.5. Whilst the company wanted to invest in Enterprise Voice it didn’t want to go the whole hog and start to get rid of desk phones. Prior significant investment in Cisco has meant this has to stay around for a while. Also, I’m not sure the user base is ready…read more


Missing Lync 2013 icons with July 2013 (CU2) Updates…

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So, July saw CU2 updates for both Lync Server 2013 and Office 2013. Now the Lync 2013 client has been rolled into Office 2013 it appears that there isn’t just one patch that updates the Lync application. This is going to be annoying if this continues. So, with this set of updates some people (including me) were experiencing some icon strangeness when just the Lync update (KB2817465) was installed. I looked through the list of other Office updates and found KB2817489. Whilst this appeared to affect Lync based on it’s description…read more


Prerequisite installation failed: SqlInstanceRtcLocal -2067922934

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I encountered a problem earlier today when installing Lync Server 2013. When installing the local configuration store on the Enterprise Edition Front End server it would always stop at Prerequisite installation failed: SqlInstanceRtcLocal with a failure code of -2067922934. Aside from the failure code there wasn’t much to indicate the issue. Google searches weren’t very fruitful. In the end I had to run the command to install SQL manually without the /QUIET switch to find out what was going wrong. As it turns out I did not have the required rights to install SQL….read more


Communicator 2007 R2: Call-Forwarding Settings are unavailable…

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I implemented Enterprise Voice for OCS 2007 R2 the other day. When the TelephonyMode was changed to enable Enterprise Voice in my Communicator client I realised I was unable to change any of the Call-Forwarding settings. Not only this but I realised that no matter what machine I logged onto I had this issue. It was definitely not down to the version of Communicator as I was using the latest version. I then noticed that if someone else logged onto my machine it worked fine. It was something specific to my user…read more


0x80200049 error when Outlook 2007 tries to download the OAB…

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I found a decent fix for the 0x80200049 error when my Outlook 2007 client continuously failed to download the OAB. This only affected my client and persisted throughout OST rebuilds, Outlook profile recreation and various other troubleshooting steps. I started to notice the BITS errors in the System Log and found out that the BITS transfer queue was full of jobs. Because Outlook uses BITS to download the OAB the transfer queue being full causes the OAB download to fail. The resolution was to run the following command to clear…read more


Exchange 2003 Mailbox Powershell Report

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Right, this will probably be so horrifically out-of-date for some people, but recently I’ve been doing a few Exchange 2003 migrations and have realised the importance of getting all the data you need before performing these migrations is quite high. Sure, you can export the data you find in Exchange System Manager but what if you want other details like PrimarySMTPAddress or whether Email Address Policy is enabled for the user, or what their quotas are? This is where this script comes in. This script will give you a CSV…read more


Enable or Disable Outlook Anywhere based on Group Membership

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Lets face it – security guys HATE Outlook Anywhere. So, it is highly likely you’ve stumbled onto this page because you’ve been asked to disable it outright or only enable it for the trusted few. In that case, this will hopefully help. The script below will enable or disable Outlook Anywhere based on the membership of a distribution group. It will then give you a CSV output of everything it’s done. Note: The script doesn’t currently recurse groups, so nested groups will not work. Also Note: The script runs a…read more